Annie Chemie Wurster Coater Annie Chemie P Ltd is engaged in manufacture of Low Temperature Slow Delayed Release Fracturing Gel Breaker, Micro Encapsulate Coated Chemicals. We encapsulate dry Chemical crystals in a protective polymer coating to impart properties such as delayed release, temperature sensitive release, pressure sensitive release etc. We offer Encapsulated Gel Breaker (Ammonium Persulfate (APS) Sodium Bromate etc.) for hydraulic fracturing also called fracking. It is offered in three grades. Instant oxidizer, Delayed release low temperature oxidizer with and Delayed release high temperature oxidizer. We also offer Other delayed release chemicals.

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Low Temperature Encap or Encapsulated Gel Breaker Supplier for Fracturing

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Low Temperature Gel Breaker
Fracturing or Fracking Gel Breaker Slow Delayed Release
Low Temperature Gel Breaker

We offer both immediate release and encapsulated delayed release version.

Encap or Encapsulated Ammonium Persulfate is generally demanded for 3 different temperature ranges.
LT Encapsulated Breaker for downhole temperature of 100F (38C) to 120F (49C). This will have a coating of about 10.5 to 12.5% and active matter about 87 to 89%.
MT Encapsulated Breaker for for downhole temperature of 120F (49C) to 140F (60C). This will have a coating of about 13 to 16% and active matter about 83 to 86%.
HT Encapsulated Breaker for for downhole temperature of 140F (60C) to 200F (93C). This will have a coating of about 16.5 to 23% and active matter about 76 to 78%.

Specifications of HT Encap or Encapsulated Breaker based on Ammonium Persulfate are as under:
Active matter: Ammonium persulfate 75-80%
Coating: 16-23%. Higher or lower coating percentage is preferred depending on down-hole temperatures.
Mesh size: 25-40mesh
Release time: Does not release at room temperature and negligible release up to 50C or 125F. Releases slowly when temperature is increased to 65C or 150F. Almost all the active matter will be released in 18 hours at 65C. The material can be designed to give quick or slow release.

Coated or Encapsulate Ammonium Persulfate, based coated chemical to be active at 140F or 60C called low temperature delayed release gel breaker is used for breaking gel up to temperatures of 200F or a little more.

Route of Action: Free radical generation starts upon dissolution is water and is accelerated at fluid temperatures of 120F and above.  It can be used up to fluid temperatures of 200F.

Release profile for viscosity reduction Please Click on the image to Enlarge
When tested at higher rpm with sand in the breaker, it dissolves 70-80% in 6 hours.

An independent chemist of a user has reported the following viscosity change profile of comparison of our product Ammonium Persulfate based Encap with another one.

Viscocity Reduction Please Click on the image to Enlarge

Compatibility: Compatibility with brine, calcium chloride, KCl solutions as well as all known fracturing fluids, gels, cross-linkers and additives. It is extensively used in oil well drilling, fracturing or fracking.

Environment: It is not hazardous to the environment.

Availability: Beasley, TX.

DoT Classification: Haz Mat, Class 5.1 Oxidizer; UN 1444, 5.1, III

50 lb pails, 1200 lbs per pallet.
55 lb pails, 1320 lbs per pallet.
55.1 (25kg) lb bags, 40bags per pallet or in super sacks, 1 per pallet.
Special pack sizes available upon request.

Ammonium Persulfate
Potassium Persulfate
Sodium Bromate
Low Temperature with activator and Medium Temperature Encapsulated Ammonium Persulfate Gel Breaker
High Temperature Encapsulated Potassium Persulfate & Very High Temperature Encapsulated Sodium Bromate Gel Breaker

Gel Breaker Manufacturers:

Annie Chemie P Ltd.
Offered from UAE, USA and India.
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Annie Chemie Wurster Coater

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